Sankrant Sanu

The book, ‘English Medium Myth’ by Sankrant Sanu explains how India has bought into the idea that progress is only possible with English medium studies. Engineering, medicine, law, High Courts function in India only in English resulting in the rush to English medium. The English Medium Myth dismantles this idea. People in the richest countries are studying sciences in their mother tongue. Numerous studies show that better science outcomes from students learning in the own language.
To take India to the next step to development, higher education needs to be broad-based and available in all Indian languages. The book contains specific policy proposals to make that a reality in a practical way and unleash India’s talent in a globalized world.
Sankrant Sanu is an author, technologist, and entrepreneur. He was a senior development manager at Microsoft where he co-founded Microsoft Sharepoint. Some of his essays were published by Rupa in the book ‘Invading the Sacred.’ He has written for Rediff, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, Manushi and Seeking Alpha among others. Sankrant is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and The University of Texas at Austin. He holds six technology patents.