C. K. Raju

One of CK Raju’s most important contributions is his cogent argument for a fundamental change in the way Math is taught in Indian schools and colleges.

Dr. Chandra Kant Raju is a computer scientist, mathematician, educator, physicist, and polymath researcher. He is affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Civilizations in New Delhi. He received the Telesio Galilei Academy Award in 2010 for defining “a product of Schwartz distributions”, for proposing “an interpretation of quantum mechanics, dubbed the structured-time interpretation, and a model of physical time evolution”, and for noting that “Einstein made a mistake on which much of modern physics has been built” and proposing “appropriate corrections”.
Raju obtained a B.Sc. degree from the Institute of Science, Bombay (1973), an M.Sc. from the Department of Mathematics University of Mumbai, Bombay (1975), and a Ph.D. at the Indian Statistical Institute (1980).